Roof Racks are not simple

If you think getting roof racks installed onto your vehicle is a simple process with just a visit to the nearest auto store than you are probably mistaken. Most vehicles on the road will have many different options to choose from across several different manufacturers. we are not brand loyal to one particular brand so we will ask all the questions needed to narrow it down to exactly what you need. Roof Rack installation can be from simple to extreemly time consuming and complex depending upon the car and what system you choose to install. we opened our shop in 2006 and since that time have installed thousands of Roof Rack set ups wether it be for cycling, kayaking, Camping, Fishing, Weekends up the beach and so forth. I often look at other vehicles on the street with the same brands that we sell and I can tell straigh away that they didnt buy them from me as it will just be the standard first suggested thing on the manufactures website when often there is much better options available by mixing and matching a little to get it done perfectly. Dont just listen to the Salesperson at the auto shop. Remeber the salesperson at an auto shop is meant to know everything about every part of a car. That would be like asking your GP to also be a specialist for every part of the body. Ask a specialty store for a second opinion. If your between the Central Coast and Hunter Valley you can call us anytime or elsewhere in the country just google for a Roof Rack store near you.

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